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The Benefits of Drip Email

In Real Estate, you generate leads in many different ways. The goal of drip email is to act as a follow-up system that allows you to more easily keep in touch and build a relationship with those leads. For example, if you receive the email address of a visitor to your website what would you do with it? With Drip365 you simply take that address and add it to your account. This has now placed your lead onto a path of automatically receiving timed emails over the next year with simple tips about things to do with buying or selling a home.

Consistency: The Key to Success

We've all heard it before but I'm going to say it again. Consistency is the key to success. Whether you are starting a new work out plan at the gym, or developing a marketing strategy for your business, you must be consistent in your endeavors. The most effective way to convert long-term leads into sales is to be consistent in your marketing.

Drip marketing is the process of sending repeated, relevant messages to your prospects until they are ready to buy. Drip marketing is like drip irrigation, where farmers and gardeners apply small amounts of water to plants over long periods of time.

With Drip marketing, you can stay in touch with the people who are not ready to buy or sell real estate today, but in time, will be. We all tend to forget people who don’t stay in touch. But you tend to remember people who phone you, email you or write to you over time. That’s the beauty of drip marketing. It helps you show a sustained interest in your prospects until they’re ready to buy.

Past Clients: They Already Trust You

Turning past clients into repeat clients is critical for a long term success in the real estate industry. You’ve already navigated them through a home purchase or sale, and you’ve built credibility. Why would you let that work go to waste?

Most buyers and sellers will appreciate a phone call, an in-person visit, or mailings from you throughout the year. Simply telling them “Happy Anniversary” on the purchase of their home can keep your name and your services on their mind. Let them know that you appreciate referrals, and that you’re always available to answer their real estate questions.

Develop a “past client action plan” to plot out when and how often you will stay in contact with this important group. Add them to your monthly e-mailing list and make sure they receive annual holiday letters and cards.

New Leads: Be Patient

Many sales professionals fail to realize the importance of staying in touch with new leads. Patience is required; agents must remind themselves that most buyers will not buy within a week or two of your first meeting.

Learning to stay in touch with new leads through e-mail drip campaigns is important if you want them to remain loyal to you. Provide information that will be valuable as they prepare for their next transaction. For example, set up a search through your local MLS and e-mail them listings that match their criteria.

Sphere of Influence: Stay Front and Center

When the National Association of REALTORS ask how they found their real estate practitioner, 44 percent of all buyers and 40 percent of all sellers say they were referred by a friend, neighbor, or relative.

It’s of the utmost importance to maintain a consistent form of communication with your prospects and past clients. Provide information about what’s going on in the real estate market, offer free reports for buying or selling a home, give tips on when to refinance and how to build home equity. Taking the time to set up a Drip marketing system will save you time and keep you in front of your prospects throughout the year.

*2009 National Association of REALTORS Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

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